Corporate Events

Corporate/ Public Activities
In addition to working at private events, our team has also worked for a variety of corporate clients at a range of public events. We can offer everything from 'have a go' tables, where children can come by during the day to have a go at making some slime to huge public shows where we have 100s of children watching our interactive show. Whatever type of event we perform we always attract huge numbers and offer a unique form of entertainment and public engagement. Across the UK and India we've worked with malls, museums, product launches, retail clients, NGOs and survey companies to provide public footfall and a great talking point for media engagement.

Public Shows

During these shows we perform a range of entertaining, engaging and interactive experiments designed to attract huge audiences with our larger than life effects.

Shows typically last 30-45 minutes and can be performed multiple times throughout the day.

 Customisable routines to fit within a clients desired theme  Highly visible demonstrations to attract crowds
Can be performed indoors or outside

Perfect for a range of ages

Have-a-go Tables

For these events we have one or more short experiments set out on tables that children can come up have have a go at.

Each experiment only takes around 5 minutes and many of them can be taken home for the kids to play with in the future too. 

We can also provide certificates to the children for completing the experiment with Sensational Science and client company's branding/contact information.

 Perfectly suitable for small spaces  Direct engagement with children and parents
 Can be used to provide participants with advertising materials  Perfect for a wide range of ages

Why Choose Us?
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  • Professional presenters with 100s of hours of experience in working with brands to promote their image.

  • Fully interactive and engaging activities and demonstrations suitable for any venue.

  • Full customisation to align with a clients brand identity.

  • Attention grabbing demonstrations guaranteed to bring in huge crowds in public spaces.

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